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Happy Holidays at Henri Bendel

Since 1895 Henri Bendel has been blessing us with fabulous accessories. Jewelry, handbags, fragrances, and more fill up the shelves at the famous Bendel. Shopping at Bendels during the Holiday season is by far the best shopping experience ever! The store is visually stunning, along with the special holiday treats (accessories) that sparkle and shine. It is one of Manhattan's chicest shopping environments! You can't leave the store empty just wouldn't be right. Any young, stylish fashionista would go crazy over everything in the store. Check out the site for all the goodies this holiday season, and get to the nearest Bendel before it's too late!

Denim Line Exclusively on Twitter

Twitter is becoming the next big business tool and its really taking off. MSMPR has always been an advocate for using Twitter in order to promote a new business. With the massive amount of Twitter accounts it should be no surprise that this can be a great tool for self-promotion. The denim brand Airess & Church is planning to use the popular social networking website to their advantage and be the first brand to exclusively launch to Twitter followers before others. The brand will be disclosing the date and time where they're Twitter followers will be able to log into their site and be the first to purchase the exclusive denim. This is a big step for Twitter and the denim launch should be very successful!
To be the first to get your hands on the exclusive denim follow Airess & Church at and look out for the date of the release.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Dior in Fine Jewelry Wonderland

No explanation is needed to describe the many ways and reasons in which we love Dior. An influential French fashion designer, Christian Dior is the founder of one of the world's top fashion houses, with "The New Look" that revolutionized women's dress and reestablished Paris as the center of the fashion world, post-WWII. Haute couture, ready-to-wear men's and women's fashions, Dior defines luxury and high class, and has been worn by Hollywood figures and high-end clients all over the globe. So, given it's permanent spot in fashion's luxury scene, it is not surprising that Dior has also branched out, designing high-end die for! "Dior Joiallerie" is the name of Dior's Fine Jewelry line, designed by Director, Victoire De Castellene. De Castellene joined Dior in 1998 to set up their fine jewelry brand, and has propelled the brand into stardom with her fine eye for class, while still keeping the fun element in jewel designs! Some of her best work stands out in the form of amazingly elegant and eye-catching rings. The Dior ring collection takes the look of a bold and party-appropriate cocktail ring, and kicks it up more than a couple notches, creating a look that is both playful and luxurious. Celebs deck themselves in Dior gems on almost every red carpet event and a Dior jeweled piece is featured in many editorial spreads each the photogs and writers some serious bling to photograph and feature in their next issues. Some of the recent collections' themes remind me of something out of Alice and Wonderland, or something fantastical of that nature. The most recent collection, "Milly Carnivora", is inspired by imaginary flowers, created by Victoire Castellane. Absolutely gorgeous and each one so unique and special!! Love it, j'adore! Head to their official website to take a look into the world of Dior Fine's like stepping into a dream land..u won't be able to leave!!!!

Shoe Wish List: Versace

Wrap it in a bow this Holiday season for that extra hint of surprise. Versace has tied up a quilted little package that fits perfectly with any Christmas outfit. A bootie that is this beautiful goes a long way, especially when it's Versace. Black quilted suede and tonal leather trim makes the shoe a complete dream. The bootie is so classy and the bow is such a fashionable way to add finishing touches. $1,195 and almost a 5 inch heel is a fabulous gift to find underneath the Christmas Tree.

A Priceless Gown

The First Lady has always been an icon for our country, and Michelle Obama keeps that icon alive with her elegance, prestige, and presence. A strong woman, First Lady, Michelle Obama impacts the lives of many with her intelligence and impeccable fashion sense.

This past Tuesday the White House held the Obamas' first official State Dinner with Prime Minister Manmohan and wife Mrs. Gursharan Kaur. In a custom made Naeem Khan gown, Mrs. Obama naturally turned heads that night. She made a mark and opened up the doors for official figures as well as new lengths for a talented designer.

The Indian-American designer, Naeem Khan was stunned when he saw his nude colored gown with floral print embellished in sequins on the First Lady. His jaw as well as everyone else's dropped when she stepped out that evening. A shock also, Khan had no idea she chose the dress until he saw with his own eyes that she was wearing his gown. It's was a phenomenal honor to see Khan's custom made gown on Michelle Obama. “I was stunned and speechless, and totally blown away.” -Naeem Khan

Forty people, three weeks, and a ton of sequins, and the end result was Michelle Obama looking absolutely stunning in a Naeem Khan one of a kind. Khan has dressed fashion icons and talented artists like Beyonce, Alicia Keys, and Katherine Heigl. Now he can add Michelle Obama to his list!
I think from here forward we will be hearing a lot about Khan and his creative flare. We are looking forward to seeing more of his amazing fashion and hopefully get to see the First Lady in another Khan custom gown.
To hear what Naeem Khan had to say about his piece on the First Lady click the link below for the complete interview:

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I wanted to wish everyone a warm heartfelt Happy Thanksgiving! This is a day to appreciate the talents we have been given, the things we love, the people who make a difference in our lives, and the family and friends who shape who we are and where we are going. Most importantly, this day represents how grateful I am to all of you for supporting me each and every day, logging on to MSMPR24Seven and following me along my journey.

You are the reason this blog has been so successful! You are the reason why everyone is following MSMPR24SEVEN! Keep it coming, and spread the word.

Life is about the people who impact you, and the passion you have for the goals you create for yourself. I have been blessed with an INCREDIBLE family, the greatest friends who know exactly what to do to put a smile on my face, and the influential network of industry people I am lucky to work with.



God Bless... and Stay Fabulous,

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Adam Lambert AMA Shocker

If you were at home watching the American Music Awards, there is no way you could have forgotten Adam Lambert's performance. The American Idol winner, who has just recently come out, really made it a point to shock us with his overly sexual performance. After the show many felt that the performance was crossing the line, but others felt that the performance was as raunchy as other past performances from female artists but there is a double standard. If there is a double standard it seems to be that ABC does agree with the offended viewers. After the performance ABC announced that Adam's appearance on "Good Morning America" would no longer happen. ABC might regret this decision because many have been vocal about the fact that Britney Spears' kissing Madonna was never an issue. Could ABC suffer the ridicule from the gay community?

OPI's Holiday In A Bottle!

I can practically hear Santa's sleigh jingling in the distance...the holidays are here, and Christmas and New Year's are so close I can just taste the festivities in the air! My choice in nail polish color changes with the season, just like fashion...because beauty and fashion really go hand in hand. In the summer, I brush on bright coral shades and neon brights. For spring, I opt for pastels, and fall is a most appropriate time for dark, rich hues of purple, aubergine, and black onyx. I never discriminate when it comes to nail polish, I am a lover of all shades!! However, when it comes time for winter, I am a firm believer that everyone should be required to add a little glimmer and decadence to ring in the holiday season! Thank the fashion and beauty gods for the amazing team at OPI, which delivers amazingly fun and beautiful nail polish collections for each and every season, giving mani/pedi goers something to get excited about at the end of the work week!

This season OPI did it once again, introducing their newest holiday collection: OPI Holiday Wishes Collection. Holiday Wishes gives your nails an extra glam look for the holiday season, filled with rich colors and sparkly accents to get you in the spirit! Crimson, burgundy, deep midnight blue, gingers, silvery grey, and bronze are just a few of the nail colors that will instantly remind you of the holidays. My favorite, which I am wearing right now, is "Holiday Glow", and glowing charcoal grey with a generous helping of of silver it!! I honestly feel like my night-before-Thanksgiving outfit it now complete!!! Complete your holiday outfit with your favorite polish...because I always say that the perfect accessory to any outfit is a stunning nail color! And who knows, your Holiday Wishes may just come true. Happy Holidays, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

(and check out their "tiny toybox" package- a perfect pick for your holiday gift-giving!!)Here's a list of all the color descriptions (to get you in the mood!!)

*Ginger Bells - a yummy gingerbread shade
*Shim-merry Chic - a glimmery bronzed glow
*All A-Bordeaux the Sled! - a dashing shade of luscious wine
* Holiday Glow - charcoal grey with a glowing touch of silver
*Sapphire in the Snow - a deep jewel-toned violet-blue
*Merry Midnight - blue-violet with a starry multi-hued shimmer
*Comet Loves Cupid - a classic red
*Dear Santa - a glittering holiday red
*Glove You So Much - a rich burgundy
*Smitten with Mittens - burgundy glitter
*Meet & Jingle - a rich crimson
*Crimson Carol - a rosy-red shimmer

All That Glitters is Twitter?

MSMPR has been very vocal about the benefits a business can incur with the use of Twitter, and now it seems Twitter has caught on. The popular site that was created to become the next social networking site has evolved into a great business tool. Twitter is now planning to take advantage of its millions of business related accounts and update the site and have business pay in order to be members. Twitter realizes that it's going to be difficult to get people to pay for the service but they promise that the service will have features that will make every penny spent worth it. With features that can show statistics of how Twitter is benefiting the business it will be hard to argue with having to pay for the service.

The question now is will business just decide to boycott the site all together. We all know that we are currently in a recession and making unnecessary expenses is just out of the question. Another fact Twitter will have to overcome is the perception in the office that the site is a waste of company time and as we all know many businesses block the site from their computers. This will all be examined next year, when Twitter announces the changes. Can't wait to see what happens, and for now you can keep following us @marigopr.

Black Friday's Best

Black Friday is probably one of the most stressful shopping days of the year. Everyone goes manic for deals, deals, deals. Lines start at 4 in the morning and people camp outside with coffee and hot chocolate to stay warm. The Holiday's just wouldn't be the same if there was no Black Friday, though!

Well, I'm relieving your stress this year! You can wake up late, snuggle up on the couch, and enjoy your day after Thanksgiving! All you need is your computer and you are set! Our favorite brand LNA Clothing is doing Black Friday a little different this year. Online...did your ears ring too?

What a fabulous idea to snag all the latest from LNA without leaving the house. They have the best tees, tanks, and leggings for everyone. LNA Clothing is a great gift giver this Holiday, it's fashionable, affordable, and comfortable! Use the PROMO code below to get 25% off when finishing up your purchase from LNA Clothing.

Go to so you can shop 'til you drop this Holiday season!

Do You Have It All?

Today's technology is always on the go, and so is anyone involved in Public Relations. PR is one of the most demanding fields out there, and if you don't have these top 9 must have applications set to your Blackberry or iPhone, you are in for a rude awakening! Phones have become mini computers for most of us these days. Writing up proposals in Word on the subways, e-mailing your entire address book at the gym, and of course updating your Twitter account on your lunch break is the norm for the working world of PR. If any of the above scenarios sound like your Monday, download these applications ASAP! They will help in being more productive throughout the day, and they are FREE.

1. Evernote

2. DropBox


4. TweetDeck

5. Yelp/UrbanSpoon

6. Free Wifi

7. Google

8. USA Today

9. M-Insight

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Interview: The Tesla Group's Ahlilah Longmire

Ladies and Gentleman I am proud to introduce you to the founder of The Tesla Group, Ahlilah Longmire. She's got swag, shes got skill, she is the creative force behind any and every successful project / client The Tesla Group has ever worked with. I am very fortunate to be able to work with someone so influential as Ahlilah. Ahlilah and I met about a year ago, and ever since then its been love at first site (business wise people!!) Within minutes, we instantly clicked and she tagged me on to many of fabulous projects as one of her leading publicists. She is greater than great, and nothing means more to me than learning from someone with so many amazing experiences. Her journey is nowhere near over yet, she is just getting started!

MSM: Tell us a little bit about your background?
AL: I'm originally from L.A. I have over ten years experience in music, marketing, brand development, and talent management. I've worked with labels such as Greensleeves Records, Full Surface, Atlantic Records, and I am a former Indie record label VP for SIRI Music/Universal. I'm pretty much known for my creativity, unique and innovative marketing strategies within music, fashion, and lifestyle brands. Lots of people don't know this but I'm also a certified recording engineer, and a BMI songwriter. I am currently the Founder The Tesla Group, a boutique music, fashion, and lifestyle PR & Entertainment company based in NY-LA.

MSM: How did you know this was the industry for you?
AL: I've just always known! Music, sports, entertainment was always around me non-stop. My dad played briefly for the Kansas City Chiefs, he also played the guitar, and was always in some band growing up. My parents always told me I just immediately gravitated to anything that had to do with music and entertainment.

MSM: What are the necessary tools to stand out in this industry?
AL: You need to be fearless, and fearlessly creative! Never stop dreaming and surrounding yourself with people, places, knowledge and things that fuel your mind with information. You want to stay ahead of the curve, never behind or coasting alongside someone else. Expect trials and tribulations. Be prepared to get back up when you fall.

MSM: What is the story about the name of your company? The Tesla Group?
AL: Ha everyone one ask me that and I love it! Nothing about what I do is just average, everything has to be really, really big. I like to shock people, electrify....and that's really what the word "Tesla" means. So it was a good fit.

MSM: How do you go about choosing the "right" client
AL: That's a tough one. I feel like its the other way around. The right client
chooses me.

MSM: Tell us a little bit about your support system, The Tesla Team? Why is it
necessary to have such a powerful team?
AL: I used to be the type of person that would literally try to take on the world if I could, and it got me know where but stressed out, and left with split ends! lol The team that I have now is awesome! There are so many dynamics going on. From different ethnic backgrounds, to age differences, they all bring something unique, and fresh to the table. They've become like family, and The Tesla Group definitely loves to crack a good joke or two, so we always have a good time with whatever were working on.

MSM: From what I understand, you diligently worked on the "Catwalk Confidence" campaign by Doctor Legs. She was just recently featured on Oprah, tell us a little bit about how you revamped her campaign? What TV appearances did she do while she was a client at The Tesla Group?
AL: Good old Dr. Emily Splichal, who became Dr. Legs after The Tesla Group! Wow she has really been an amazing, and interesting success story. This was the first time I had ever worked with branding a Doctor, a podiatrist at that. She came to us with two DVD's which she produced herself called Catwalk Confidence. Though the DVD's were ok, I just saw so much more potential in her, and the concept so I started with developing an image behind the concept and built out from there. As a result and without giving away all my secrets, she has not only been branded as Dr. Legs the fitness guru, physique doctor, life coach, book author, but she's been on The Today Show, CW11, then we teamed her up with NYSC which tripled her press, Garden Of Life's supplement called Lovely Legs and just off that she had a rotating billboard in Times Square, and the list goes on....but I definitely don't want to take all the credit for trusty companion Marigo Mihalos helped with this a great deal, she was amazing!

MSM: You are nonstop around the clock, what keeps you sane?
AL: If loving the lord is wrong, then I don't want to be right! Coming To America with Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall said it best lol. All jokes aside, I have a strong faith in GOD, he is first and foremost in my life, and he keeps me sane.

MSM: Best memory from your years in the music industry?
AL: Wow so many! Honestly I have to say one of my fondest memories are with the label where I got my start back in....I think like 1999ish at Greensleeves Records. Its all Reggae label that was based out of London, I was at the NY branch, and at that time was when Reggae music started to cross over into the mainstream market. We had artists like Red Rat, Mr. Vegas, and I believe Elephant Man. So getting placements with MTV on their shows was huge back then, it was a lot of fun to be a part of that. One other would be my credits in Billboard Magazine.

MSM: Least favorite part about the PR Industry
AL: Wheweeee some of the people, and the politics!

MSM: Favorite item on the menu at BBQ's in Times Square?
AL: This is the best question yet! I cannot remember who introduced me to BBQ's....but I love you whoever you are. Go with the sticky wings, cole slaw, and a Peach Raspberry Pina Colada (texas size) with the shot! That is Ahlilah's BBQ's special. Plan ahead by making sure you don't eat the whole day until you get there, because the calorie count you will consume there is deadly, but so worth it.

MSM: You grew up in the Valley... so for real...New York or LA?
AL: HA HA HA awww don't make me choose. I am such a Valley girl, Sherman Oaks, Encino, Northridge you name it but I got to go with NY. Home will be home, but NY is where its at.

MSM: Female Icon You Look Up To?
AL: My mother. She's just beautiful, smart, incredibly strong. I don't know what
I'd do without her.

MSM: You have been in this business a long time.. you have met everyone under the sun.. but which celebrity gives you the jitters?
AL: Well I haven't met this celebrity yet....but Morgan Freeman's old butt is absolutely my favorite actor and I think I'd pass out if I ever met him.

MSM: AER 2010 is approaching; tell us a little bit about the event.
AL: Well the concept for A.E.R happened after my mother beat lung cancer about two years ago. The experience was life changing. The hardest part about the experience was the lack of knowledge I knew about lung cancer. All I knew was that ok she has to go through chemo, she'll lose her hair, and she may or may not make it through. I didn't know what radiation was, or the pain and suffering my mother would have to endure...I didn't know anything. And it bothered me that we as people tend to wait until something happens to a love one or friend before we educate ourselves about the things that are going on right in front of our eyes.

So A.E.R Advocate,Educate, Revolutionize is all about bringing awareness, educating, and encouraging a younger generation of philanthropist. We do this by bringing the who's who in music, fashion, sports and entertainment together for one night once a year in March. Its an amazing, awesome event in support of CancerCare a non-profit organization that has been around since 1944 and provides a wide range of free services to survivors, families, people affected by any and all types of cancer.

MSM: What is your definition of success?
AL: Your level of happiness.

MSM: To Twitter or not to Twitter?
AL: Oh I love Twitter.......tweet it up!

MSM: What is next for Ahlilah Longmire, the power mogul!??
AL: Well I won't spill everything, but I have new music projects in the works with Multi-Platinum producer Chad Beatz, I am also the Executive Producer of a new show called "The Trend" which I we just started filming in Nov. Definitely more charity work for the upcoming year!

Leona Lewis: Songstress & Vegan Designer

The beautiful and talented, British artist Leona Lewis became an overnight sensation in the US with her hit Bleeding Love. Now, Leona is rumored to be teaming up with the successful designer Stella McCartney, to design a line of vegan clothing. Leona is known to refuse wearing fur, leather, and suede clothing so it's no surprise she would think of designing her own line. For now the news is simply rumors but we will be keeping tabs on any future announcements on this venture. MSMPR is sure if this collaboration does happen it will be amazing, especially with Stella's help. There is no way anything Stella is involved in when it comes to fashion can be anything less than fabulous.

P.S.: Leona Lewis has also accepted an offer from PETA to pose nude for their campaign "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur!"

PR TIP: from PR GURU Marvet Britto

Hello Readers and fellow PR Guru's and PR experts in training,

I was browsing through the timelines of great people I am following on Twitter and came across some advice from the LEGENDARY Marvet Britto. Marvet Britto is the President and CEO of The Britto Agency, a PR and Brand Strategy firm.

Ms. Britto has played a role in building the brands of some of the worlds corporations, such as Universal Pictures, Motorola, and Microsoft. She has worked with some of Hollywood's most reputable names including Angela Bassett, Kim Cattrall, Mike Epps, Mariah Carey, etc.. In case she looks familiar from some the worlds most popular news outlets, you are probably right... She is frequently called upon to comment on entertainment industry trends and to share marketing insights by all major media outlets including CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, The New York Times, Newsweek, etc...

Today Marvet Britto Tweeted to all fellow "PR GEMS":
@MarvetBritto PRGEMS: You are judged NOT by what you have but by what you do with what you have.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Beautiful Cosmetics

It's no secret that every woman loves makeup, especially when it not only makes u look beautiful but it is also good for your skin. Beautiful Cosmetics has taken that concept and created a line of mineral make up that is jam-packed with vitamins that will make your skin glow even after you remove it. Also, this isn't your usually stuck up cosmetic line, Beautiful Cosmetics is dedicated to maintaining a reputation for excellent customer service. The customer is in fact so cared for that there business has grown purely from referrals, and now MSMPR is ecstatic to refer you to purchase the amazing products from Beautiful Cosmetics.
Check out the products at

Interview: Queen of The Catwalk Jason Alexander

F-I-E-R-C-E... there is NO other way to describe him. Bold, Vibrant, Confident, and never shocking, he is the one and only Jason Alexander aka Miss J. This "Queen of the Catwalk" is always showing us that confidence is our best accessory, and we should learn how to use it well! MSMPR24Seven is honored to have the opportunity to bring this interview to all of you! Be sure to go out and purchase his new book, "Follow The Model"... Everyone is talking about it!

MSM: So, I have to ask about your recent announcement on the Tyra Banks Show- you're a Dad?! So exciting! I know you were a donor- Can you please explain how that came to be.
JA: I was asked by my ex boyfriend’s co-worker to be a sperm donor.. and that’s where and how it all started.

MSM: You are considered a huge role model for a lot of gays/lesbians out there, especially for those who are struggling with coming out of the closet. We know you were never in! But, what are some words of advice for any people out there who are having trouble coming out?
JA: Take your time to choose the person that you come out too…. They need to understand your reasons for doing so when the time is right. Remember you need to be as honest as you can with yourself to free yourself (at least I think) and you need ALL the support you can get from the person you choose to tell, even if your family may not.

MSM: You and Tyra met when your were 16, and I heard you gave her walking lessons. And she gave you the title "Queen of the Catwalk"-is that true? How would you describe your relationship with Tyra? Do you consider her one of your best friends?
JA: I met Tyra when she was 15 or 16, I had given her a little backstage catwalk advice. AND yes… she did give me the name “Queen of the Catwalk” because she knew I would take the title from her. My relationship with Tyra now is a working relationship with a dash of old friendship. We never forget each others birthdays and we always exchange gifts to celebrate our special days.

MSM: You have cited your mother as being the first person who introduced you to fashion. How did she influence your fashion sense, and what was the most important thing she taught you about style?
JA: Yes, my mother was a HUGE influence in my fashion sense as well as my common sense. She taught me a valuable lesson when spending money, “Get clothes that last more than a fashion season!!!”

MSM: How did you go from Bronx boy to "Catwalk Queen"? I heard you started out making couture knockoffs with your Grandmother's sewing machine- Can you talk about that experience? And maybe a bit about how you almost made the transition to Accounting, but came to your senses?!
JA: I started making what I could not afford to but. I took my inspiration from the clothing I saw in stores and then the transition was easy. A taffeta ball gown sounded better swooshing on the body than the noise of a key punch or a calculator.

MSM: When did you know that you belonged in the world of high-fashion? What was that "ahah!" moment for you?
JA: The AH HA...! moment was working at Bergdorf Goodman looking at the all of the stunning clothing and paying attention to who made them and of course who bought them.

MSM: Tell me about your first runway walk with John Paul Gaultier. How did you land that job?
JA: I heard through a my friend at Giorgio Armani named Kathyll Carnegie that Bergdorf was casting a fashion show for Jean Paul Gaultier and I went and got booked 3 days later. Once I hit the catwalk, the walk was FABULOUS!

MSM: How did you get started as a runway walk coach for models, and who do you love most about coaching?
JA: The most fun is probably seeing some of the most horrible walks ever to hit the runway, making fun of them a little, and then correcting them to be AMAZING!

MSM: You've worked with some pretty big names, supermodels like Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, etc...Out of all the major models you've worked with, or any celebs, who was the biggest diva?
JA: Out of all the girls I have coached and given advice to, the biggest diva of all is… ME!!!

MSM: Let's talk about America's Next Top Model: What was your favorite moment out of all your years on ANTM?
JA: My favorite moments are of course seeing myself judging the show in some of my favorite outfits that I created and made myself.

MSM: Congrats on winning Teen Choice Awards 2009 Choice Fab-u-lous! What do you believe defines "fabulous" or what it means/takes to truly be "fabulous"?
JA: I believe being “fabulous” is loving ones self in spite of what people say and write about you. These days with the Internet, people move even faster, and they write about things they really have no idea about. So just LOVE… LOVE… LOVE… LOVE YOURSELF AND IT TAKES A LITTLE BIT OF "I DON'T CARE" WITH YOUR MORNING BREAKFAST AND YOU WILL BE OK!!!!

MSM: Are you on Twitter? And if not, will you ever join?!! We're all about Twitter at MSMPR
JA: No Twitter as of yet, I hear it’s the new drug of choice…. And I don’t do drugs… at the moment.

MSM: Where does your "tough-love" coaching style come from? You can be brutal… you tell it like it is!
JA: From an honest place! Being direct and forward to most people can be brutal, mean, and bitchy… I AM NEITHER, well only when needed!

MSM: So, why this book, and why now in your career/life to come out with it?

MSM: What are you trying to tell readers in your book-what's the main message you want them to take away from reading it?
JA: I am trying to tell the reader to take home a good honest story from my book. You should love yourself no matter what people say or do, and it took nickels and dimes to get across the water to make future dollars. It’s ok not to be rich or beautiful because to create style you need confidence and personality! I think it is better not to have material things to hide behind, therefore you are forced to communicate and socialize and ask what you want, not depending on money or good looks to get you there.

MSM: What are your top 5 or so tips for living "the J way"??: fully and fabulously (as it says in your book)

MSM: Your book aims to help teach women how to build confidence and reach their dreams. What's your best advice for how to get started on that path to "walking proud in your highest shoes"- how did you do it?
JA: My advice to put on your highest heels that you cant walk in to walk around your house or walk the dog around the block (if you have one) is get you to get comfortable in them. Remember a new shoe is a foreign object to the foot, and as a result you should walk in them wearing a smile, not bearing any looks of pain!

MSM: If you were going on a trip and could only take one item with you, what would you take-what couldn't you live without?
JA: I would take my soul because I like it… and I CANT live WITHOUT water!

MSM: What's your favorite trend/style in fashion for this fall season, and what trend do you predict will be hot for spring?
JA: I don’t usually follow the trends no matter what season: spring, summer, fall or winter.

MSM: What's next for Miss J?
JA: After shooting cycle 14, and promoting my book “Follow The Model” sleep is what is next for me!

MSM: I heard you made almost all your outfits on ANTM…
JA: Yes, I did make mostly everything I wore even a few runway dresses including the red dress with red and gold mask on Cycle 7, and the blue taffeta dress in the gymnasium on Cycle

MSM: One last thing- Is there anything else you want readers to know about you, or your book that they don't know already?


Celebrity designer and entrepreneur, EMRE is always stirring up fashion. His brilliant craftsmanship and artistic ability has enabled him to create First Lady History. The first lady has always been an influential icon to our country. Jackie O has impacted the fashion industry by the publicity of being the first lady. Our country has seen many changes in this year’s presidential election and first lady, Michelle Obama continues to pave the way of fabulous fashion.

A true artist and celebrity designer, EMRE has seen these changes and has taking his newest handbag collection to the White House. He has designed the one and only, Michelle Obama bag. The bag is full of pride, prestige, and class just like our country’s very own first lady. Made of the best skins in FIERCE color combinations, the bag is a beautiful symbol that represents everything Michelle Obama is about.

Be sure to check out to see the collection that the press has been raving and writing about!