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PR TIP: Public Relations vs. Advertising

Public Relations vs. Advertising

Public Relations —information about a company, individual or event with the press apper in a news or feature story at the editor or producer’s discretion; might be free advertising but there is less control over what is released

Advertising—ads are bought (space, slots, times segments); paid media space online, newspapers, billboard, magazine, radio, TV, etc.; not PSAs; your control is said/known about the product at a high cost

Friday, September 25, 2009

John Leguizamo in Gamer, now in theaters

John Leguizamo also known as Johnny Legs is such a talented actor. He can play any character thrown his way. From a sensitive young man, to Navy Seal, to crazed killer, he can do anything! I am a huge fan of John's; I had the opportunity of meeting him backstage on set at the CW11 Morning Show.

Born in Columbia, raised in Queens, and studied at NYU, he began his career in comedy clubs. Making the audience laugh was just the beginning! His first on camera role was in Miami Vice. Some other TV shows were ER, where he played Dr. Victor Clemente and N.Y.P.D Mounted.

You might have recognized him in Romeo and Juliet, The Happening, and a voice in Ice Age.

Leguizamo is in theaters now in the movie Gamer. He works along side Gerard Butler and Michael C. Hall.

"Comics are much smarter than actors. Most comedians come from a hard life, and have to struggle a lot. You have to have a lot of skills. When you can hone all of that, and act, you're going to blow the world away." - John Leguizamo

Funky Leggings

Who ever said leggings had to be black? Today you can find over hundreds of pairs that range in color and design. From denim to floral you can find anything in between. We at MSM PR searched high and low to find our top picks from most comfortable to most fashionable.
Denim leggings seem to be the trending topic lately. So many stores are carrying their style of the them. They look extra sleek and pretty comfortable.
Everyone knows that American Apparel has the widest range of leggings and tees. This black and blue pair is a new addition to AA. Great for taking a risk, they also come in black and pink!
Loving the floral print! So glad that florals have made their way back in the fashion circle. This pair is so fun to wear with a great blazer. Such a cute look for an everyday outfit.
Alternative Apparel is known for its organic materials. Well, they are also the most comfortable leggings ever! So soft on the skin, it feels like you are wearing nothing! These leggings are great to just lounge around in. They come in green, pink, and grey also!

In Love with Laura Biagiotti Sunglasses

Italy's "Queen of Cashmere" is not only an iconic fashion designer. Laura Biagiotti has amazing accessories as well. Her sunglasses are gorgeous. The Fall/Winter collection is beautiful. It is so elegant and fashion forward. I am loving all the detail she puts into each pair of sunglasses. They are very fashionable, and perfect for a day in the sun.

Here are a few of my favorites:

To see my all time favorite check out her website It is number 6 under sunglasses. They are fabulous!

GET THIS ALBUM: MGMT's Oracular Spectacular

Download it off of iTunes or get to your local record store!
"Kids", "Time To Pretend", and "Electric Feel" are my favorites.

People Love U2

On Spetember 23rd U2 rocked the New Jersey leg of their 360-degree tour at Giant Stadium. The venue was packed with over 80,000 fans in attendance. Now, I have got to be honest, I am not the hugest U2 fan. I actually do not personally own a single one of their Cds ( I say personally, because my dad has the seminal "Joshua Tree" and a few others ). However, I knew every single one of the songs that they played 2 nights ago. Bono, "the edge", Adam Clayton, and Larry Dublin have made their way into our collective subconscious with their larger than life melodies and catchy lyrics. I stood (sitting was nearly impossible) thinking that all aspiring publicists and artists should take a note from the people who made this concert possible.
How is it that U2's music has become so universal? Sure they are talented, but the PR agents who work for them must be as well. U2 is everywhere, which attests to the publicist's good work.
Bono has spent nearly 30 years creating an image which has culminated into the stylized way he sings, moves, performs, and dresses. It seems that to be successful in the entertainment business, you need to have a clear vision of who you are at any given moment. This is not to say that you should not evolve as an artist; quite the contrary, change is essential to keep the public's interest. The decisions you make as a performer should be direct and intentional, which is one reason Bono has maintained his level of fame over the years. People might not like the direction he has taken his music with the last couple of albums, but his present persona holds our attention because he is so dedicated to it. We enjoy watching him even as we wish for him to play an older song.

PR TIP: Public Relations vs. Journalism

Public Relations vs. Journalism:

o Conduct interviews and gather information
o Deadline driven
o Share information with the public
o Involve writing

o PR professionals are advocates for a cause, company or individual
o Journalists are objective observers (ideally)
o PR attempts to change public opinion to meet organization’s goals in targeted demographics

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Silence and Noise Clothing Brand

All you fashionistas out there that love fun, colorful, conversational garments, get your hands on some Silence and Noise. The brand has amazing pieces from simple cardigans to super trendy dresses, leggings, tops, etc.!
If you have an edgy look or just want to spice up your wardrobe, Silence and Noise is the brand for you!

This blue zipper dress is the perfect piece for a night out with the girls. Its fun and flirty, you just can't go wrong. The zipper detail adds an interesting shape to the dress. The neckline is so chic, all you need is a great pair of heels and you're set!

Oh, the boyfriend blazer! Ladies, you don't need a man in your life to have this look! This tweed boyfriend blazer is the key ingredient to your wardrobe. It's a must have piece that won't go out of style. You can wear this over and over again without repeating! Pair it with some great skinnies, a simple dress, or funky leggings. Love it.

You can never not have enough denim! Whoever tells you different is sooo wrong! Go get yourself a pair of comfy black shredded jeans ASAP. Silence and Noise has a great fit and they are true to size. What more can you ask for in a pair of jeans?

The best part about all these items is that you won't be spending a fortune. All 3 (three) are under, yes under $100! Now that is the icing on the cake.

You can find a great selection of Silence and Noise at Urban Outfitters and online at Check it out!

Interview: Celebrity Blogger Micah Jesse of

I am proud to introduce you to the one and only celebrity and lifestyle blogger, Micah Jesse. Not only is Micah a great friend, but he is captivating, inspiring and addictive. Just out of college, its only the beginning... Micah is the example! Very proud of him! He is building his empire with positivity as the foundation. This mind-blowing blogger shows us that anything is possible if we put out mind to it. From Joan Rivers, to Kelly Ripa, to Ciara, Micah provides his audience with up to date info and colorful interviews! You will get hooked, I promise! Please be sure to log on to to follow his FABULOUS Blog!

MSM: Explain the term "blogger"
MJ: The word "blog" is short for web-log. It's a log on the web, simple right? Well not anymore -- that's how it all began. Now, blogs have become news outlets because with the popularity of the Internet around the world, people are able to disperse information to a wider public quicker and easier than ever before!

MSM:Your fans view you as addictive... how would you describe your personality?
MJ: Charismatic and positive!

MSM: How have you created a fan base and such a huge following? You have built a name for yourself, both as a blogger and as a brand. Explain your Public Relations Methods
MJ: My fan base has grown because I have always been transparent with my friends and readers. I am genuine, honest, and I work hard. I am always researching, inquiring, and getting involved!

MSM: How important is social networking?
MJ: It's HUGE! On just Twitter alone, I am able to reach 3,000 people (as of right now...the number keeps growing!) with just a short 140 character message.
MSM: Which celebrity interview gave you the jitters?
MJ: Elton John...that was amazing, He's a legend!

MSM: Who was your first celebrity interview?
MJ: That's a good question... I don't know!

MSM: What does it take to be successful?
MJ: You have to really love what you do! You have to get excited to get out of bed to do your job. I love what I do! So, regardless of money or status, I know I am successful -- because I am happy!

MSM: How has networking helped you to grow in this industry?
MJ: I always say, "Your network is your net worth!"

MSM: How does it feel being compared to Perez Hilton? How are you different?
MJ: When OK! Magazine dubbed me "the Perez Hilton of the East Coast" (in January 08) I initially was like, "that's so cool!" because I do admire Perez Hilton (real name Mario Lavandeira). He has really built a name for himself -- and is now Internationally recognized and has become a celebrity himself. I am different from Mario in many ways, including the fact that I am NYC based and I not only focus on positivity in my day-to-day life, but I make sure that my celebrity content is always geared towards positivity. I don't want to hurt people's feelings. I want to make friends -- not enemies.

MSM: Why is fashion so important to you?
MJ: The clothes you put on your body says a lot about who you are! I'm not saying you have to wear expensive clothes (or name brands) but wearing clothes that make you feel good about yourself is why I love fashion. It's a way to express who you are!

MSM: You've come so far, and its only the beginning.. any advice to people just starting out in the industry?
MJ: Thank you! My advice is to smile through the rainstorms, and always have a next step! Don't ever settle with the status quo... you can never stop learning or excelling!

MSM: What does it take to constantly update your blog and choose the right content? How do you choose what is going to make a blog post?
MJ: My content, as I said, is always positive! So, as you can imagine -- it's sometimes difficult to find great content. For me, what makes a great blog post is complimenting someones outfit, or introducing my readers to a new actor/singer/musician/brand/artist/restaurant -- you get the picture! I have the inside scoop, and I want to share it with my readers!

MSM: Feathers or glitter?
MJ: Glitter, definitely! I love anything that sparkles.

MSM: Tell us the process of planning one of the many fabulous events that you organize.
MJ: That's a whole megillah!

Follow Micah on Twitter: @Micah Jesse!

Micah's Reel:

BareBurger Bares It All

This past weekend, I celebrated my birthday with my amazing friends and family. After a great weekend of parties, I was treated by my godparents to a delicious lunch at Astoria’s newest spot, the eco-friendly BareBurger. Located on 31st Avenue and 34th Street, this indoor/outdoor restaurant sits on an action-packed corner, with people in and out all day.
I met with owner John Simeonidis Jr. who explained his simple and sincere goal in creating BareBurger. He wants to “Create and serve the best-tasting burger in New York City.” And that he did, using the cleanest and freshest selection of piedmontese, lamb, beef, bison, elk, ostrich, turkey, grilled chicken, portabella mushroom, and veggies. The menu incorporates different selection combinations that are made to order with whichever meat the customer chooses. Finally, the burgers are paired off with one of BareBurger’s amazing special sauces: Curry Ketchup, “Special Sauce” (my personal favorite), Special Spicy Chipotle, Peppercorn Steak Sauce, Ranch, Hot Sauce, Honey Mustard, Horseradish Dill Mayo, and Orange and Ginger Mayo.

Let's not forget the creative salads that can be served in a bowl or rolled into a lettuce wrap. From the avocado salad to the mandarin salad, you can add grilled chicken and toss in some organic dressing! I personally like it in a lettuce wrap, but either way all of BareBurger’s salads range from $6.95 to $9.95. There’s something here for everyone. Did I mention all natural soda’s and organic milk shakes that come in a variety of flavors: banana, pistachio, chocolate, peanut butter, peanut butter chocolate, raspberry, and vanilla.
One creative organic and eco-friendly thing to the next. On to the furniture and the décor. Not only is the food organic, but BareBurger was built using sustainable, reclaimed and recycled materials. The ceiling is made from reclaimed antique tin from deconstructed barns. The floor is made of bamboo. Unlike wood floors that mature in 60 years, the original bamboo plant is left unharmed in the harvesting process and quickly re-grows for yet another harvest, stopping the deforestation of the rainforest. The custom-made booths were made with recycled wood, biodegradable material and low VOC adhesives. Oh, and did I mention that all of this was made by the owner, John Simeonidis?

On to all the paper goods, menu, business cards and wallpaper. They are all made from recycled paper. Are you on the go and want to order something to take out? All to-go containers are made from corn and sugarcane fibers that are renewable year after year. The handcrafted counter tops and tabletops were built from wood rescued from trees that were dying or had been damaged by storms. The tiles on the wall are made from cork that is harvested from cork oak trees by a traditional method that allows the bark to quickly regenerate, harming neither the trees nor their habitat. The cork is a sustainable alternative to traditional wall covering and is naturally fire, mold, and microbial growth resistant. BareBurger utilizes its water from “demand water heaters” that can be 24%-34% more energy efficient than conventional storage tank water heaters. Lastly, my favorite eco-friendly element of all of BareBurger are the handmade lamps made of reclaimed items such as beer bottles and silverware from several NYC hotels, circa 1935. “I spent a lot of long nights in the garage,” says John Simeonidis Jr., when asked how he even thought of making a light fixture out of spoons. The entire experience I had at BareBurger was awesome, and I wouldn’t mind putting my order in for one of his creations. I hope you'll check it out and let me know. I'm sure you'll agree.

Don’t forget to order a half basket of the finger licking good French fries mixed in with a half basket of gourmet battered onion rings to really make it a meal. Overall I give BareBurger 4 STARS ****

The American burger tradition goes back as far as time can tell; you love burgers, I love burgers, we all love burgers! Get over to BareBurger and have the freshest and healthiest burger you will ever have! Here's what I ordered: Swiss Turkey Bacon Burger, with Bison as my choice of meat, which comes with Imported Baby Swiss Cheese, fried onions, sauteed mushrooms, turkey bacon, romaine lettuce, tomato and ranch. I ordered my burger without the cheese and the ranch! SO DELICIOUS!!!!!!!

"The BareBurger philosophy is simple. Create and serve fresh tasty burgers while doing our part to help preserve the environment."

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Aubrey O'Day Uncut

The former Danity Kane singer, Aubrey O'Day has been working and performing in the Las Vegas Peep Show. Last night on opening night someone took illegal nude photos of Aubrey and posted them all over the Internet.

She has addressed the issue at hand and stood up for herself. Aubrey is not one to let the media talk her down. She has had numerous episodes of media beat down if you will, and she is such a strong woman to be standing up and making the wrong, right.

In a YouTube video she provides all the accurate information about the incident, and proudly shows her body. She is comfortable enough to do so, and encourages all young women, including celebrities to ignore the negative and love the body you have.

Self esteem is a huge issue that many people suffer from and it is people like Aubrey who make it possible for others to stand up for them self.

Be inspired.


Mother Nature brought Fall a little too soon this year! So we must embrace the weather and have fun with all the Fall fashion, including your nails! Dark colors are in for this season and it doesn't stop at your wardrobe.

Grab your Chanel nail polish and hit the salon for a much needed manicure! With Chanel's posh color, Vendetta you can't go wrong this season. It's a deep purple, (which also happens to be my favorite color) that will look fab with anything. Stock up on Blue Satin, Imperial, Ming, and Gondola for a fun and beautiful way to accent your outfit!

Check out the rest of the colors at:

PR TIP: Public Relations Process - R.A.C.E

PR Process: R.A.C.E.
1. Research—problem? Situation? Opportunity?

2. Action—what is going to be done?

3. Communication—how will audiences be told?

4. Evaluation—was the audience reached?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Obsessed With Fiona Paxton's Designs

I was browsing through the accessories department at Bloomingdale's on 59th and 3rd, when I discovered the very up-and-coming Fiona Paxton and her ultra-chic and vintage jewelry. Jaw dropping pieces for every fashionista that will turn heads where ever you go. I purchased my favorite piece of the whole line, the Skye Necklace in black and silver shown below on Paris Hilton and Hilary Duff. I am a huge fan of Fiona's and I have NOT stopped getting compliments on my necklace. Can't wait to pick up her new cuff next! Be sure to stop in to Bloomingdale's to check out her latest collection.

ABOUT FIONA PAXTON: Fiona Paxton Biography Fiona Paxton trained at the Royal College of Art graduating in 1992 with a distinction in textile design. Upon leaving, her dreams quickly became reality spending the next 15 years working in New York, London and Bangkok designing prints and embroideries for various fashion houses and retailers including Michiko Koshino, Chloe, Armani and Moschino. For the last 7 years she was Art Director of a textile design studio creating directional and inspiring riots of pattern, graphics, prints and embroideries, kaleidoscopes of colour and lexicons of creative textile techniques. Whilst working Fiona became more and more inspired by the artisan techniques of the embroidery craftsmen of India. She decided to develop a range of her own jewellery pieces that are all hand embroidered using these ancient techniques. The collection was launched at the beginning of 2008. Each jewellery piece is a tightly patterned beaded mosaic of glistening strands of silver and gold coloured chains and beads. Intricate beadworks create fluid necklaces that drape flat to the body languid and snake like. Living and working in East London inspiration for Fiona Paxton comes from all spheres of life. Street imagery, the flashing images of popular music culture, pattern and decoration from vintage finds and lazy weekends in art galleries.

Fashion Week at the Extreme

New York Fashion Week was filled with amazing collections from all the top designers. There were just a few...let's just say, interesting pieces this year. Some took fashion to the extreme and made pants out of slinkies, put men in 4 (four) inch heels, a sequin coat, and an extra mini skirt!

Everyone loves a slinky, some super sexy heels, a sequin jacket, and a mini but maybe not that much! The designers risked it all and made a clear statement. All in all it was entertaining.

Fashion never seems to bore us!!

Fashion Week and The Snuggie!

Oh yes, believe what you see! Fashion Week was not just about prominent designers this year. The Snuggie also made it down the runway this season! The infomercial turned runway, and women and men walked the cat walk in those big, huge, blankets! And it doesn't just come in solid colors anymore. You can find it in zebra and leopard now too! This was just one of the many wacky things that happened this Fashion Week.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Interview: Designer Zara Terez of Zara Terez Handbags

Last week, I spent the afternoon with a very special designer, the one and only Zara Terez. Not only does her line for the upcoming season stand out, but she is incredible. She is confident, motivated, driven, unique, and one of the most amazing people I know. I wanted to let my followers get to know the real Zara Terez, so you too, can see why she is so inspiring!
MSM: Tell us a little about yourself
ZT: Well, I am almost 24, and I started this company "officially" last summer when I was 22. I am a third generation designer. My great-aunt Ruth Saltz was a famous handbag designer in the 80s and she made amazing, beautiful handbags. Her daughter, my aunt Marcella designed jewelry for Chanel and David Yurman and my mother had her own accessories company and show on 5th Ave NYC. My Dad also had a manufacturing company for woman's dresses for over 40 years and now is the leading manufacturer and brand for kids clothes - so phewww its kinda in the blood. I also love the beach and everything that has to do with it. My friends, my family NYC & Atlantic Beach (where I grew up) make me the happiest and give me the strength and the inspiration to do what I do.

MSM: Describe your style
ZT: Well there's one of two ways I go. I either do my comfy gray t-shirt, jeans and a pair of ridiculous shoes and a Zara Terez bag OR I love to find something I haven't worn in 5 years or something of my mother's and throw it on. I'm not really afraid to wear anything. I love fashion, dressing up, dressing down and just being myself. You can never go wrong when you're just yourself.

MSM: What does it take to be successful?
ZT: haha...I'm not really sure how to answer this one? Hopefully if one day I feel successful, I will let you know what it takes!

MSM: Why handbags?
ZT: Well, first I could never do shoes because I could never go everyday without wearing all my other favorite designer shoes!! But honestly, we are both women and we love to shop right? What's the deal with taking the fun out of shopping and making bags that aren't even made of leather in the thousands?? It's out of control. I saw a void in the market for designer, luxury handbags for luxury-affordable prices. We need something different, with an edge to show who we are. Why not wear it on your shoulder?
MSM: Describe your handbags?
ZT: I find my handbags to be unique, high-class, well-made, edgy, fun, functional, designer works of art.

MSM: In terms of public relations, how did you go about choosing a public relations firm to represent you?
ZT: This was very difficult. Especially because I work with my family and they didn't initially believe in public relations. I interviewed a bunch of different firms until I found one which I thought understood me and the brand and really believed in Zara Terez. But there are PR firms for different stages of your career and I have parted ways with my first one. You need to have your public relations as a part of your team and you on theirs. If you don't work as a team then public relations will never work.

MSM: Why choose a public relations firm? Why is it important and or necessary for the growth of your business.
ZT: It's sad to say but we, the public are very influenced by the media and entertainment around us. Public Relations helps build a connection between the consumer and the brand by using various media outlets. Its a vehicle to help the consumer to get to know the brand before purchasing the product. The stronger the connection, the more avenues open up to help the growth of a business.

MSM: Where do you see Zara Terez going in the next few years? What's next for Zara Terez?
ZT: I'm going to keep growing my handbag business. I learn so much everyday that it only helps Zara Terez be the best handbag it can be. I have a few ideas for the future, but you will just have to wait and see!

MSM: Blogs play a big role in terms of outreach, pitching, and exposure. What are your thoughts on the importance and significance of blogs and the influence they have over today's society.
ZT: I think that blogs reach people even easier than magazines and newspapers do nowadays, making them extremely influential. People want what they want now and blogs and the Internet can give them that within 2 clicks.

MSM: Who are some of the celebrities who love, love, love Zara Terez handbags?
ZT: Brenda Song, Eva la Rue, Paris Hilton, Demi Lovato, Jordin Sparks to name a few